With our management software SmilControl you can easily create your own SMIL-based play lists via Internet and then distribute to any compatible media player.

You think this might be a useful tool for you and your business? You want to learn more about SmilControl? You are more than welcome to have a closer look at all features and services SmilControl offers. You can find all relevant information either on this website or in the brochure below. And if you need any further information or assistance just let us know, we are happy to help.

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What is digital signage?

You have always wondered what is behind the TV programme that is running in subways, your local bank or pharmacy, and even in some restaurants? It is called digital signage.

With digital signage you have the unique opportunity not only to entertain your customers, e.g. while they are waiting for service, but also to provide them with relevant information and news about your products, special offers, and other services you would like to emphasise. A great advantage of digital signage is the reduction of costs compared to traditional billboards. Besides, you can change your content within minutes so your personal TV programme is always up to date.

In order to get a first impression of what SmilControl has to offer you should have a look at our product sheet. There you will find all features and how to use them productively in order to get the most out of it for your successful customer relations.

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How does it work?

One possibility would be to buy a computer with a big screen and then install a free presentation software like OpenOffice Impress. Like this you only need to create a so-called play list and press F5 for screen presentation.

This sounds impracticable to you and you have no clue how to manage multiple screens in different locations? You also think this would be quite a waste of money and very time consuming? Then SmilControl is the right answer to your needs!

First things first: You don’t need a computer. It is not only prone to failure but also consumes too much energy. Furthermore a computer needs permanent administration and updates. And if you leave your shop at night you cannot simply pull the plug or shut down the central fuse without taking the risk to suffer a surprise the next morning.

A much better solution to deploy digital signage is a so-called HD media player. It is a small device that needs no fan or moving parts, e.g. hard discs. Furthermore, its energy consumption is very efficient. At the same time you can easily connect a HD media player to a screen and also to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection.

With SmilControl your individual content is only a few clicks away. Register now and experience all features and the very convenient handling of SmilControl yourself.

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SMIL is what software developers call a mark-up language for multimedia contents. SMIL helps you create play lists with movie clips, images, and music streams that can also be time-controlled. SMIL has significantly penetrated the market for digital signage due to its huge advantage, i.e. it is a standardised language. Having said that, by using SMIL you gain access to a higher level of independence, competition, and innovative strength.

Take a website for example. If it is created in a standard way it does not matter which web browser you use in order to open the website. Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari – the website will always look the same.

This simple principle also holds for SMIL. If you have a media player that works with SMIL, SmilControl will suit. In other words, if you settle for SmilControl you have the choice between a significantly larger amount of devices and even the usage of media players from different brands is no obstacle anymore. Furthermore, we are solely dedicated to SmilControl. We ‘speak’ SMIL and only SMIL. That is why we are experts in what we are doing – a huge benefit for our customers.


You are a system integrator, an advertising agency, a computer retailer, a solutions provider, or maybe you want to become one?
You are currently searching for a management solution but you are not willing to take the costs of an in-house development?
You did your research but you could not find the right answer for your needs on the market yet?

You have come to the right website! With SmilControl we can offer a full-fledged reseller solution – using your own corporate design if desired.

As a SmilControl reseller you will have enhanced access that enables you to fully administer and invoice licenses for your customers. Moreover, you can offer exclusive content, channels, templates, and feeds to your users, not speaking of voucher codes for special offer or campaigns.

The solid core of SmilControl – a CMS system that has been used for numerous website for more than ten years now – has been optimised in order to fulfil the needs that come along with the administration of a large quantity of players, play lists, and users.

That is why we are able to offer our resellers different kinds of packages depending on the scope of services that are required. From supplying a sub domain to the ultimate white label – we make it happen. The latter also includes a customised design and layout right down to the last detail. In combination with the domain of your choice you can fully integrate ‘your individual SmilControl module’ to your product portfolio.

If you want to learn more about our individual reseller solutions feel free to contact us at any time. We come from this sector. Due to our long lasting experience we are very confident, that we will be able to help you realise your business goals.

About us

As it is often the case, we came across the demand for a standard software based on SMIL for the digital signage market rather by accident. It was in February 2011 when we were mandated to find a simple CMS, which could distribute play lists containing movies and images from a company server to a few hundred IAdea media players.

After evaluating the available ‘SMIL speaking’ solutions it became obvious that there was not fit on the market at that time. That was our motivation to do it better. We already had a CMS with a proven track record. We ‘only’ had to build a concept around it that would allow the administration of users and players, and could create play lists. That is how SmilControl was born.

It did not take long until the first companies had signalled interest in our development – to be honest, it was much faster than we had expected. They quickly became resellers and like this were included in the development of the software, which also led to the deployment of additional features based on their needs. In other words, SmilControl directly matured with the needs and requirements of the market.

Since February 2012 SmilControl OHG is the distributer for SmilControl and serves resellers as well as retail clients.


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We promise!

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SmilControl has been developed especially for and with the needs of the digital signage market.

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We promise!

smil player image SmilControl has been developed especially for and with the needs of the digital signage market. While SMIL only is a by-product for most of the other providers we are solely focused on SMIL. Having said that, we are proud to stand up and can confidently claim that you will not find a better software solution for SMIL-based digital signage than SmilControl. It supports 95 per cent of the features the IAdea player offer – the most common SMIL player worldwide.

smil player image Moreover, we put lots of work into the usability of SmilControl. Once using our software you will see that you only need little bit time in order to get familiar with the software. That is due to the fact that SmilControl is very intuitive. But of course, you need to invest some time to fully understand the programme and all its features – a fact that holds for every complex software solution. But we can promise it will be worth the effort! You will notice your first improvements very fast. Based on our experience so far, it takes only 15 minutes to create a play list without any support. The rest will follow step by step.

Just give it a try!